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12 Volt Automotive Lighting

12 Volt Lighting12 Volt Lighting







     We have automotive lighting for all sorts of reasons and all types of applications. Whether you want something for safety or utility we have the right lighting for your needs.


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     Here is a small sample of the kind of lighting we carry ...

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Fog Lights

Extreme High Intensity White Light Bulbs





  fog lights





tundra fog lights






fog lamps











9007 Xtreme White Plus Twin Pack Halogen Bulbs






9007 Xtreme White Plus Twin Pack Halogen Bulbs

Xtreme White Plus is PIAA's best-selling technology. These bulbs will provide a brilliant Xtreme cool white light that will light up road hazards and street signs long before a normal halogen bulb. Manufactured to SAE recommended specs and DOT compliant.