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Turn your Rig into a Gear Hauling Machine!

     Say goodbye to the aggravation of a normal truck bed. With a CargoGlide bed slide, you can stop crawling in the back of your truck or van every time you need to reach your gear. So stop scuffing your knees and breaking your back! Install a CargoGlide Roll out truck bed in your truck or van and get your gear and materials out where you need them!

     CargoGlide, the best way to get your gear, materials or products from the back of a truck, van, work truck or SUV. Just slide your gear out of the bed of your truck or van!


CargoGlide offers several models to fit your needs:

CargoGlide1000, CargoGlide1500HD

and the NEW CargoGlide2000XL


     For pickups, vans, SUV's and light commercial use. Comes in stock sizes for all pickup, van and SUV applications. Capacities of 1000lbs,  1500 lbs and 2000lb evenly distributed.


     NEW! Avalanche and Cadillac EXT model. CargoGlide has built a model just for these trucks, comes pre-assembled, perfect fit, cool looks, NO DRILL installation. The best bed slide out for the Avalanche and Cadillac EXT. Best value on the market!


     CargoGlide1000XL for medium and heavy duty applications, this bed slide offers, 100% extension, solid construction, easy smooth operation with 16 bearings, 4″ side rails, pre-assembled, easy install and it simply does the job! if you want the BEST cargo slide, bed extender on the market with stock and full custom sizes and capacities up to 1000lbs, you have come to the right place!


     NEW! CargoGlide2000XL.  2000lb capacity, 100% extension, 22 bearings, 8″ side rails, super duty unit for pickup, work truck and other heavy duty applications.


     NEW!  DualGlide. offers Slide out both directions for vans like Ford Transit Connect, RV’s and other applications that require access from either side of vehicle.


     Let us build a CargoGlide for you!


Featured Products:


Light weight construction, pre-assembled, easy install, 70% extension slide out truck bed, 4″ side rails with optional 8″ (standard on CG1500HD), tie down track, rubber laminated deck, 1000lb and 1500lb capacity, tested to 50% over stated ratings, great looks and designed for sports, hunting, home repair, general and light commercial use. Excellent value!


CargoGlide 1000XL

Light weight aluminum frame, plywood deck with rubber laminate, 100% extension, 16 bearings for super smooth operation, 4″ side rails, tiedown points, Professionally engineered and tested for capacities up to 1000lb at full extension. All units tested at 50% over stated ratings. Available in all popular pickup, work truck and van sizes. Rock solid construction designed for medium and heavy duty commercial use as well as the person who simply wants the best cargo slide on the market!